I really am not the resolution type. I believe growth is year-round, and that change is always in season. But not even I can deny the adrenaline rush of New Year’s Eve and the motivation to start something on the very first day of the year.

So this time, I decided to set myself what I prefer to call ‘challenges’. You might remember a few fervent posts a good few months back which revolved around the concept of the 30-day projects; this is not too far off.

First off, I’m aiming to complete 12 bodies of work along the way, digital or physical – one for every month of the year, naturally. The January Journal is a physical documentation of anything I find noteworthy these 31 days (I’m double-documenting – give me a follow and keep up with my stories to see what’s happening there).

I also have a list of things to do daily – practise my languages, and my music; read for 30 minutes every morning and stay off social media as far into the day as I possible can; learn code 1 step at a time with Lrn; listen to 1 new album (then score them, and put my favourites in this playlist). I plan on making some music weekly, and constantly learning and sharing (here, or here).

I’m hoping to surprise myself.

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