Day 27! That means that yesterday marked the last of the 36 Days of Type letterforms. Here’s a super quick recap (and reminder that you can see all the letters over on my Behance portfolio).


The letter S was again one of the tougher forms to come up with, unlike the T and U,which are simply F and N turned around. I have really come to enjoy playing with white space when it comes to the alternate days (i.e. when the background is white and the image is inside the letterform) and looking for images which still bring out the shape of the letter but also blend more with the background. U was fun!


This is probably my absolute favourite from all the letters so far. The shape flowed beautifully and seamlessly with the content (I even managed to avoid giving VW a free advert .. oops), aside of the fact that I simply adore camper vans.


More impossible letterforms. I’d been pondering on and messing about with shapes for X and Z since day 1, and it still took forever to come up with something semi-decent. W looks pretty great, and I don’t think anyone expected anything different when it came to Y .. #guilty.


Which brings us to the numbers. I’ll leave you an with a teaser .. guess you’ll just have to stick around to find out what I have in mind for these last 10 days.

P.S. I’ve also set up a Pinterest board with all the images and mini-descriptions if you’d like to catch up with the rest!


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