It is day 19, which means we are officially past the halfway mark of these 36 Days of Type! And no, my excitement has not decreased. Here’s a quick post to catch you up.


It has not been the easiest task to come up with the different letterforms, particularly for letters like K – it took me a surprisingly long time to find a nice J, too. Simultaneously, I’ve been trying to shake it up content-wise; for some reason, when I’m looking for a nice word that corresponds to the letter of the day, I always end up with a lot of food names .. I’ve been challenging myself to try a little harder.


Some of my favourites so far would have to be P (whatever remains of Paramore, my favourite band) and Q (I’ve been learning Spanish over Duolingo for the past 6 months or so, and thought I’d show off the fact that I can say ‘cheese’ in Español). I quite like the shape of the J and the green on white that I’ve got going on there. Of course, L is for lemons (I couldn’t resist something yellow) and R is for rainbow (so many colours!) .. You can see all the letters so far over on my Behance page – I’m posting daily updates!

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