It feels like these 36 days have flown by so fast …

To sum up – for the last 10 days, I decided to take a more personal approach than I did with the first 26. With each number, I’ve chosen to connected something particular from my life – say, 1 (very adorable) bunny, or my 3 hot beverages a day.


Once again, a number (haha) of forms were difficult – I’m still very uncertain about that 4, and am quite bugged by the fact that not all the characters are of the same height. This is an issue I’ve had with the letters, too, and one of the reasons I’d definitely like to pick this project back up (when I have some more time on my hands) and revise it.


I won’t go into the fine details of what each number stands for here, but you can find all 36 images and description in this Pinterest board (on which I shall be revealing more information soon).

An appreciative nod goes to the folks who’ve stuck with me through these 36 days, or even stumbled in midway. It’s been an experience of sharing, learning from myself and from others, and an inspiring process. Now, let’s see what I’ll get up to next …

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