Upside: It’s day 8 and I’m still excited! Downside (ish): I fell to the temptation of making a typeface from scratch, and creating letter forms is becoming progressively harder, especially given the chunky, modular kind of look I’ve gone for.


Admittedly, I may have been a little off with that ‘A’ – the background content was absolutely irrelevant there, but then I started using the photographic image as content that was just as relevant as (if not more relevant than) the letter form. I love the direction it’s taking, but might revisit that first image at some point … Day 2 was ‘big blue’ and day 3 was ‘coffee’.


Some of the forms have proven less challenging than others. Day 4 was some delicious-looking ‘doughnuts’, right before a shoutout to mother nature with ‘ecology’ on day 5. That last one went down quite nicely (although it reminds me incessantly of Pokémon).

These next two shapes were both quite a headache to come up with – I spent most of day 6 turning all the modules around to come up with a form I was satisfied with, but it actually came out pretty sexy (F is for fabric). Day 7 was just as mind-numbing but I quite like how the shape stands for the more ‘classical’ look that Gs sometimes have. G is for galaxy, because I can’t resist a pretty picture of the stars.


Another aspect of this that I’ve been enjoying (and that kind of came about unintentionally) is the alternating pattern of the photograph as foreground and background. I love a white background just as much as the next designer, but some of the shapes just work beautifully against a coloured image.

P.s. I was tempted to break the system on day 7, simply because the galaxy looked stunning contained in the letter form. Thinking ahead to a day when these could be placed, printed and nicely framed, I changed my mind.


H is for hipster, because … well, I had to.

It’s proving quite difficult to wait out the days instead of simply creating the letters all in one go, or at least in bulk – because it’s fun, and it’s lovely to see separate images coming together as one coherent, consistent (two of my favourite words) project. However, my other favourite thing about this is doing something in my free time that I love doing and can still include in my portfolio of work, not to mention the fact that it challenges my creativity daily and makes sure I create at least one thing every day – a challenge welcomed with open arms by any ambitious creative.

See this other post for more of my thoughts on the project (or this one, if you don’t even know what I’m talking about but would like to), and follow my daily progress here!


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