DAY 1.

It has begun – this year’s 36 Days of Type is off the ground!

I was lucky enough to start off the day with a nod from the curators themselves on my little retweet (accompanied by a very mild expression of my excitement) of their post this morning. Needless to say, my enthusiasm hit the roof.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 1.28.05 PM

A few minutes into sketching A’s of all shapes and sizes, I caved in to temptation and went to Instagram to quench my curiosity and get inspired. Honestly – I’m humbled by so many gorgeous entries I’ve seen today! You can see the curated posts on the official 36 Days account, but use the hashtag #36days_A to see all of the entries (given they’ve been correctly hashtagged) and allow yourself to be blown away by all of the creative awesomeness.

Here’s my own entry – rather simple in comparison, but quite representative of me and my style (or so I like to think). And I can’t deny that I’ve been looking at it proudly for most of the day …


I am beyond excited for the next 35 days. I won’t be posting on here everyday, but I’ll rendezvous every once in a while. Don’t forget that you can always say something nice (down below, or find me on Twitter) or share anything you find interesting!

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