“Under relentless time and financial pressure from their bosses, many web developers will continue to take shortcuts — including shortcuts that harm the user experience.


Many designers will imitate the successful designs of other designers.


Smart (and lucky) teams will involve everyone in the design of the total user experience, but many equally smart and talented designers and developers will be stuck working in silos.


Some people who are frustrated will stop caring. Other people who are frustrated will begin working for themselves.


More design will move in-house, making it harder for freelancers and agency professionals to find work. Because of the shrinking market, employers will be positioned to demand more and more skills from their applicants, while paying less and less.


Designers and developers will be asked to make moral choices about user privacy and other important issues. The buck will stop with us.


Many companies will imitate the style guides of a few companies. Flat design with gradients will saturate the market. Default Bootstrap layouts and code will saturate the market.


Sites that look like Squarespace templates will saturate the market.


A few individuals will find a way, despite all the pressures on us all, to continue to do good, creative, human-focused work.”


Wise, moving words from founder of studio.zeldman and A List Apart, Jeffrey Zeldman. Got this off an article called 17 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017.

Do good work.

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