Greetings from underneath 2 woollen layers of bedsheets in a very grey and rainy Malta. It’s been a while since I could lie down in the early afternoon and comfortably have my pick of things to do. I’ve chosen to curl up with Passenger’s latest album (I couldn’t recommend it more – here’s what I think is my favourite track off it) and tell of what was possibly the most eventful week in a good while, stretching from November 4th to the 11th. Here’s a quick rundown of the 7 days.

Friday 4th / Saturday 5th: Shows for the 15th edition of Strummin’

This November’s concerts marked my second year in the video team, along with my creative partner-in-crime, for this annual project. It was a wild (and stressful) ride but we came up with a few little gems that we’re quite proud of, make us laugh, and truly show what the Strummin’ family is all about.


We had a massive, massive task at hand with a lyric video for the first original Strummin’ song – a job which confined us to several evenings glued to our screens. While I must admit that this year’s run wasn’t as satisfying in its entirety as the last, since none of the work was shown on the actual night and, with the absence of in-song projections, the workload was considerably lessened, I can proudly confirm that we upped the quality and delivered work that not only tested further our collective and collaborative abilities but is truer to the nature of the event.

Monday 7th: My birthday, and we’re off to Lisbon

No celebrations actually took place, but it was quite strange to mark turning 22 by travelling for about 13 hours (starting at 5am) and then finding ourselves stranded on the edges of Lisbon at 1 in the morning. Nevertheless, if ‘eventful’ is what we’re going for, then this definitely classifies.

Tuesday 8th / Wednesday 9th: Web Summit


My office colleagues and myself were kindly taken to Lisbon for this year’s edition of Web Summit – a massive tech meet-up with an impressive list of conferences and speakers – to network for our little start-up.

I’m not much of a mingler so my networking endeavours were rather limited, but it was so uplifting to listen to and be in the same space as some design and web giants. My absolute favourite part of the two days was Marina Willer (from Pentagram, and the woman behind Tate’s rebranding) and her take on design in existence “between other things” – a talk which had me laughing, crying, and reconsidering my entire approach to my creative practice.


Friday 11th: My graduation

I missed the last day of the summit to travel back to the rock and return in time for the finalmost milestone in my undergraduate degree, i.e. putting on a ridiculous amount of make-up and trotting onto the Temi Żammit stage to collect a very large piece of paper which serves as proof for my last three years of intensive work. I gotta say – it was a proud moment, and it was beautiful to be surrounded by so many encouraging and congratulatory faces for the following weekend amidst birthday and graduation celebrations alike, thrown for me by my loving family and friends who showered me with so much love.


As hard as it’s been to get back into the usual work routine, I must admit that it is quite a relief to have made my way through all of that and be here, on a Friday night, feeling so accomplished and serene, and listening to the rain tapping against the window. Ah yes – the best news of all? It’s finally winter in Malta!

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