Keeping a blogging habit up is mighty hard. And it’s even more difficult to write without it seeming self-centred or unintentionally showy. But, here we are. I’m only dropping by with a few updates, namely:

A) January’s up, and that means that so is the January journal, my daily challenge for the first 31 days of the year. It’s a pretty neat piece of work, and I’m proud of both the process and the final result.

B) February’s in. My challenge for the month is to record some kind of music daily, whatever it is, however long or fancy. So far I’ve managed to get a demo in there, and a first draft for a short soundtrack I’ve been asked to compose. It’s proving to be far more of an ambitious task than the journal was, but the intention is to create an entirely different piece of work (or number of works) than I did in the past month.

C) I cannot help but mention that this has all been made far easier with a little app that I discovered a few weeks back, by the name of Todoist. It’s incredible what a difference it makes to be able to physically take a task off your list.

D) You (my many, many followers *cough*) might also notice that this site has undergone a pretty major makeover. I’ve recently taken to some very basic web development and have decided to move base, in such a way that I will eventually be able to expand the site into a proper portfolio. In baby steps, of course.

E) A new musical collaboration is coming soon! Until then, here’s a teaser.

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