The working world, that is.

This week, I’ll be closing in on my first month of full-time work, pretty much ever. In these few weeks I’ve quite happily set up a mini-workspace for myself, including a graphics tablet (which I’d unbelievably never used before but got used to surprisingly fast) and a very nice second screen.


It’s been a little tough, what with sitting at the same desk for 8 hours at a time and working on the same jobs – a task which I’m not at all accustomed to. I’d become used to taking on more work than I should and dealing with it by running from one task to another and keeping myself on my toes for about 10 hours a day. This is … significantly different. But not completely in a negative way. I will gladly take this opportunity to make a pros/cons list.

CON: The days seem never-ending. Especially those first two weeks. I found it exhausting to push myself into focusing on the same thing for hours at a stretch. My brain tends to wander off after a certain amount of time, and I’m not exactly free to work on just about anything I please while I’m in the office.

PRO: It’s good willpower training. Being in the office ensures that I don’t drift off into another task when I’m meant to be working on something specific. It’d come in handy in a potentially-freelance future.

CON: It’s mostly in Photoshop.

PRO: I didn’t learn half as many software tricks in my three years of uni as I did in the first week of work.

CON: I have to wake up at 7AM (almost) every single day.

PRO: My days have early starts, they’re more productive and I can squeeze in plenty of my own tasks in the evenings (when I’m not running from rehearsals to appointments like a maniac). Of course, I’m still getting used to just how exhausting the days are, but we’re getting there.

CON: I’m often working on the same projects for days (and weeks) on end.

PRO: It’s often broken up by micro-tasks of very different natures, and it’s good practice too. Not to mention the fact that I’m doing more than just design – anything from content to pitching.

CON: It’s the same building, every day (you might have learnt by now that I have quite a problem with repetition and routine).

PRO: It’s a great building. We’ve got a bitchin’ terrace, and then there’s this view.


That was fun. I really should get back to work though …

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