If I had a penny for everytime I heard someone say, ‘Human beings are creatures of habit,’ I’d afford to be one.

I’ve always struggled between the fact that I am not able to hold down a routine, and my compulsive desire to do so. Realistically, I just never fell into any kind of routine because I preferred to act according to the priorities (and work) I had at the time – and developing a routine for myself never really came to be a priority up til the new year, a couple of weeks ago. Work life’s a little quiet and throughout December I started to become familiar with this little thing called “free time” … come January 1st, I up and decided to make good use of it and set myself a number of daily challenges, as an experiment, more than anything. But I won’t repeat myself – you can read more about my so-called resolutions, here.

And it has been working out pretty well! I’m just as surprised as you are. BUT I can tell you exactly why I’m managing to keep this thing together. Truth is, as much as I am not a true creature of habit, I am also very much a creature of commitment. I greatly dislike dropping a project once I’ve started it, and am quite unlikely to abandon something before I see it to its very end (or mine).

So, frankly, it’s gonna take a lot for me to break this chain – I love seeing my progress on Elevate and Duolingo, I love that I’m (slowly but surely) building a solid list of books and music that I’ve immersed myself in, and creating a piece of work (I’m reluctant to say ‘art’) that I really, really like. I haven’t been able to give myself the time to work on stuff like this for a long time, and it feels great to be back.


More than anything, I feel like I’m making a significant investment in myself, by reading daily, by learning loads and experiencing the delight of the new, and by creating in return. A creative life, at its very simplest, that will hopefully fuel into good work. I feel inspired just by the thought of it.

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