Here’s what I’ve been chewing on today – I came across and skimmed through a feature on 25 Amazingly Talented Under 25s from Malta (a country you’ve probably heard of, but if you haven’t then that’s where I’m from, and here’s the Wiki).

Now, here’s the deal.

I’m 21, and I’m one of the biggest dreamers and most ambitious people I’ve ever met. I try my hand at pretty much everything under the sun, I have plans and they’re pretty huge, and I really want to make it. I want to make a difference and yeah, I kind of want to be known for it too.

Seeing a list of people from this very tiny country (where it’s really not the easiest thing to make it and especially to get yourself abroad) who are truly shaking things up and making their dreams happen – I wouldn’t call it a wake-up call, but it’s something along those lines.

Then comes the point when I ask myself what exactly I plan on doing and how I intend to do just that. And it’s a real tough one. But I guess I’m just like any other creative, really – I want to do what I love.

I love a lot of things, so let me start by sharing just one today. I love making music, and I especially love making music with friends. There’s no harm in self-promoting a little bit – here’s a project from almost two years ago (!) that I arranged and directed. Looking back on it now I do see mistakes and things I could improve, but I also see a lot of potential in myself and the people around me that could really lead to something special. It’s inspiring.

This time around, it took this article to remind me what my priorities and goals are, and where I eventually want to end up. Every once in a while, I just need that little reminder that if I do what I love, then things will work out. No project is better than the self-initiated project. If there’s passion, then the magic happens.

And as much as I hope that I’ll get somewhere before I’m 25, it might not happen. I need to be somewhat OK with that, too .. let’s give it some time.

Ironically, a photograph of mine (of the 4th person mentioned) is used in the feature. It’s a shame credit is not given to any of the photographers. But hey – it’s already one step closer to making the list. Right?

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