Yep – I treated myself to a holiday.

I spent a wonderful week with my best friends, exploring Rome and immersing ourselves in the culture of centuries past. We even popped down to Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius for a day, a decision which most probably made the highlight of the holiday.


I packed with me my faithful DSLR camera and lenses, including a brand spanking new 35mm – the only lens I ended up using throughout the whole holiday, no exceptions. During my stay there last year I only used my zoom lens (70-300mm) and while I got some amazing details, it was rather heavy and space-consuming. I found this one super light and handy to carry around, the aperture (f1.8) made for some incredible photographs, and it worked beautifully for both close-ups and wider shots. Let’s just say I’m in love.

Despite the overwhelming, suffocating heat that persisted over the 7 days we were there, the somewhat dirty and pitiful state of some of the region’s areas, our malfunctioning shower (the water simply wouldn’t drain) and the immense, ridiculous amount of tourists that clogged the Roman streets, it was a lovely week. The food (including gelato and coffee) was impeccable, the atmosphere relaxing but electric, and the company delightful.

See more of my best snaps from this week and other favourite shots of mine (including a couple from last year) over here.


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