Around a week ago I shared a little sneak peak of my time in Rome and the beautiful sites/food I was lucky to photograph. Let’s consider this post to be a short follow-up of it.

I’ll have to admit – a significant part of the beauty of the photographs I took while I was away as well as my newly-found zeal for making images (which had grown somewhat feeble) is due to a recent impulse-buy: an f/1.8, 35mm lens.

I’d been eyeing wide-aperture lenses for a while, and here I’ll confess up front (although perhaps there hardly is need to at this point) that I am a sucker for depth of field and all things unfocused. Even at the shop, trying the lens out for the first time, I was blown away by the stark contrast of these new photographs and others I’d taken in the past (with my usual kit and/or zoom lens). Here’s the first shot I took.


Needless to say, being the happy, excitable bunny that I am, the camera barely left my hands at any time during the following few days. One of my regular subjects happens to be an actual bunny, and the shot might well be my favourite that I’ve ever taken of him.

Making this investment has taken me back to a few years back when I’d bought my DSLR camera – a toy I’d never lain my hands on but had been incredibly eager to attain for quite some time. I’d been so pleased with my new purchase that I had taken to carrying it around everywhere for at least the first month or two, a period I’m reliving right now with this lens.

I know they say money can’t buy you happiness, but .. it can buy you a new gadget, and sometimes that’s equivalent.

If you like what you see, there’s more here.

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