Hello again. I finally remembered that I have a blog!

Tonight I’d like to catch you up with some typographical endeavours that I’ve been up to lately. I love type and it was heartbreaking to produce no work whatsoever for the past few months or so. Now that I’m off school and getting used to my new timetable, I’ve found time to squeeze in some mini works.

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day have just passed, and it is my personal traditional to always put that little extra effort into the envelope for both my parents’ cards. I went for some simple script, something that I’ve been trying to get myself to practise more frequently.

I even put a little process video up for dad’s.

But my favourite has to be the piece that I did just to get myself started, to challenge myself to get back to this in a time where I’m almost never in the mood to make or create. And it really felt great to realise I still have it in me, and it’s still what I want to be doing.


Until next time – keep kickin’.

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