If the title of this blog post has led you to believe that I am quite excited about something, then you are quite right.

Today I’d actually like to talk about a project that is kicking off today week and is not only super cool to be a part of, but also happens to be quite similar to (and a point of inspiration for) another something that I’ve wanted to do a while and am actually working on at the moment … But more on that later.


This one is called 36 Days of Type, and it’s a brilliant initiative (with rad branding) which comes around periodically and makes for the collection of a whole lot of beautiful work. You’ll find all the details on their website, but it’s really quite simple: 26 letters and 10 numbers are each prescribed a particular day on the calendar, and anyone’s invited to share their corresponding artworks (for that character) on Instagram, using designated hashtags.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 3.51.24 PM

Reasons to do this?
– you’ll be working alongside plenty other creatives all around the world
– it’s a brilliant motivator to get cracking and produce something different
– you’ll be creating and sharing something every day (or on as many days as you please)
– it’s fun, and
– your work could make it to the official 36 Days account!

Get familiar by visiting their website, and keep up with their updates and curated artworks over on Instagram. I’ll be trying ever so hard to keep up with this one and share my results. Who knows what this could inspire in the coming months …

And, no – I don’t like it just because it’s yellow. Although that helps.


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